Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Awards ~ 請大家幫幫忙投票!

Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Awards 謝謝一路以來關注我部落格的朋友們。希望大家能幫幫忙投我一票~~也希望大家號召家人、青朋好友和公司同事也一起來投我一票!支持支持一下王子我!
Dear all, I’m
in the finalist of
Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Awards, and wish all reader can help vote for me. And beside that please ask
your family members, relatives, friends and colleague vote for me also! Please
support me ya~~

投票方法How to vote

1.) 點擊以下網址, Visit webpage below:
2.) 登入Facebook帳號,Login in with
your fb account

3.) “Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Blog”類別,王子我的部落格是:

Under “Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Blog”
categories, look for my blog :
 and click on
the “VOTE” button to vote (“VOTE” will turn to red color after successful voted).


* 每個facebook 帳號只可以投一次票而已!Please noted that, Per facebook account per vote only!

希望大家多多幫忙,祝大家新年快樂,蛇年大吉!Wish you all the best in 2013.Thank You! 感谢

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